Kastamonu Mansion main_sep Our Awards

* In 2003: Gülsen Kırbaş was awarded by Kastamonu Chamber of Commerce and Industry thanks to her contributions to tourism by a plaque of appreciation.

* In 2005: Gülsen Kırbaş was deemed worthy of the award of “Female Entrepreneur of the Year” which is given by Dünya Newspaper to one female entrepreneur of one province.

* In 2008: Gülsen Kırbaş was awarded by Kastamonu Commerce and Industry Chamber as ‘the successful businesswoman of the year’.

* In 2011: Kastamonu Mansions Management was awarded by the Kastamonu Quality Life Association “because of its implementations in ascending quality”.

* In 2011: Gülsen Kırbaş was awarded in the “Female Entrepreneur of the Year” competition with the prize “Promising Female Entrepreneur” transmitted jointly by Garanti Bankası, KAGİDER and the Journal Ekonomist.

* In 2012: Uğurlu Konakları won the third prize which Scal International Istanbul Club giving under the theme of “Contribution to the Preservation of Cultural Values”.

* In 2012: Uğurlu Mansions were granted STUDIOSUS Quality Award 2012 (Quality award of the renown German cultural tour operator Studiosus upon rating by its guests)

* In 2013: Uğurlu Konakları was chosen the “Most Beautiful Small Hotel of Turkey” among 450 small hotels in the rating made by Small Hotels Site via internet.

* In 2014: Uğurlu Mansions received the “Award of Excellence” by Booking.com

* In 2014 and 2015: Uğurlu Mansions received the “Certificate of Excellence” by Tripadvisor