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Our company Kastamonu Mansion Management, the enterprise of Uğurlu Mansions, was founded in 2003 in Kastamonu with the objective of managing it as a special certificated hotel. When we began with our life of entrepreneurship with Toprakçılar Mansions, our first facility, we set out to actualize a quality hotel management in an Anatolian city which was toddling in the sphere of tourism where only some 2-3 stars hotels with some municipality certificates existed.

Our first serious problem was about finding employees. The employees we found on each level was either a beginner or an unexperienced graduate from an institution providing education for the sector or housewives who never had an experience in working life or people who tried any kind of job and wanted to “give a try”.

In such a setting we began with employees having been educated in tourism to a certain level or with unexperienced people or with people who are insufficiently experienced having worked in spheres and facilities related to tourism to a certain level. By educating our employees constantly, we managed to attain a persistent staff gradually. By employing a very nimble housewife as cook, we raised our young unexperienced male cook graduated freshly from a tourism vocational high- school next to her. And stone by stone with our quality of service, the smiling faces of our staff and their devotion, the excellence of our floor services and the quality of our hygiene, we established ourselves in a distinguished position among Kastamonu hotels soon, and we accomplished to become a popular facility.
Thus, our first sweetheart consisting of 10 rooms began not to suffice us and not the demands following either. Thus, the story of Uğurlu Mansions began in 2009 as the continuation of the Toprakçılar Mansions. However, as opposed to our first management of 10 rooms, it emerged as a management of 25 rooms with a capacity of 55 beds, which serves for 55 persons, with a more ambitious restaurant, therefore with the need of a more serious staff. Therefore, our staff spectrum has broadened. However, this time Toprakçılar Mansions, after having served for 6 years, became a school for her sister Uğurlu Mansions and the staff was educated quickly. Approximately for four years, both of our mansions are co-managed. As for 2013 we closed down Toprakçılar Mansions and now we are continuing our way only with Uğurlu Mansions. The 50 % of our staff consists of employees with whom we have been working for more than 4-5 years, the other 30% consists of people we have worked with for 3-4 years. To wit, we are working with people who have embraced and developed the spirit of collaboration, are loyal to the institutional identity of our management and love his/her work. This brings quality and success in service together as well.

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General Manager
Gülsen Kırbaş

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Cemile Şahin Darakçı

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Night-time receptionist
Yılmaz Kolcu

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Restourant chef: Yücel Şen
Service team: Engin Kırçıloğlu,
Seda Hasanoğlu, Zafer Akbıyık


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Our Team

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Housekeeping Department
Chief: Ayşe Çalışır
Housekeeping team: Hakiye Dediloğlu,
Fatma Dediloğlu, Şahizer Kuşoğlu

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Kitchen team: Necati Çaldağ,
Satiye Dedebekiroğlu, Birsel Külcü