The concept “Ecotourism” first put forward in 1992 at Rio World Environment Summit obtained a common definition in 2002 at the “World Ecotourism Summit” in Quebec, Canada. According to this definition, ecotourism is embraced “as an approach or attitude which ensures the sustainability of natural sources of the world while protecting and monitoring social and cultural integrity of local peoples while endorsing their economic development”.

This definition brings forth a more holistic and environmentalist approach, while not confining ecotourism only to the stereotypes of nature tourism. However, it is a fact that ecotourism consists of “the kinds of tourism performed in nature” . A great part of Küre Mountains, which has a notable place within world’s natural inheritance, is located within the geographical borders of the province Kastamonu (the remaining part being located within the borders of Bartın province) Therefore, located at the heart of Küre Mountains, Kastamonu has a very crucial location regarding the natural life of our country. The part of the Küre Mountains within the borders of Pınarbaşı district of Kastamonu is one of the most important hot areas to be protected not only by our country but also by the world by reason of its rich forests, endemic plant species and rich fauna. The values of the area, such as a waterfall, cave and canyon provide innumerable values for nature tourism types such as recreation, photography, adventure, speleology, canyoning, rafting, fishing, hunting, mountain climbing, flora-fauna tourism.

One of the most significant opportunities of this area is its pure and natural, social and physical fabric not distorted by industry, unsightly constructions or tourism. The National Park of Küre Mountains is recognized as “The Gift of Turkey to the World” within the scope of “Campaign of Living Planets” which WWF initiated on the eve of 3rd millennium.

A- National Park: 

1-Absolute protection zone
2-Recreation zone
3-Rehabilitation zone

B- Buffer Areas:

1-Wild life protection zone
2-Hunting management zone
3-Landscape protection zone
4-Ecological protection zone

In the National Park of Küre Mountains, it is possible to do nature tourism except for places outside the absolute protection zone, but accommodating is not possible. Necessities like eating-drinking etc. may be fulfilled in village houses and in one-day facilities. For lodging it is recommended to prefer centers such as Azdavay and Pınarbaşı which are nearest to the National Park. For any daily tours and excursions it is recommended to inform the local authorities and to get instructions from the local National Park Management and to make use of licenced local guides.

Besides Küre Mountains, Ilgaz Mountains of Kastamonu, and their unique and untouched beaches and valleys provide innumerable opportunities for ecotourism.

The founders of our hotel enterprise are at the same time founders of the Turkish Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Society. The society’s main office being in Istanbul, a branch office was inaugurated in Kastamonu in 2013 which is aiming to develop projects for supporting local communities in Kastamonu and environs.